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Cornish creatures you may encounter whilst coasteering with KingCoasteer around Newquay !

By February 7, 2018June 10th, 2019No Comments

Whilst out coasteering in and around Newquay we often  come across a range of wild life so we thought we would share with you what wildlife to expect whilst coasteering this summer in Newquay.

As the tide comes in and out around the shorelines of Newquay the wildlife around you is constantly changing and adapting.

One of the first creatures you are likely to see whilst coasteering are the Acorn Barnacles.  These barnacles are all around our shores, the Acorn Barnacle lives attached to  rocks,the legs of piers, old boats and even other animals. They are filter feeders, picking plankton out of the water. These are generally found around the low tide mark. Amongst the barnacles you will find the Common Muscles like barnacles these are  filter feeders, filtering  plankton from the water.

Next up is the Common Shore Crab these little fellas can be found on every beach around Newquay and are a common feature on our low tide coasteer’s !  These guy’s live amongst rocks and seaweed from mid shore down to beyond the low tide mark and feed on small animals.

Often whilst out coasteering we have a guest appearance from one of Newquay’s resident Seals !These inquisitive animals often live in colony’s on the rocky shorelines of Cornwall and all around the UK feeding on small fish and sand eels. Did you know that the  UK is home to 38% of the entire world’s population based on pup production. ! For more information on seals around Cornwall check out these guys

Finally our favourite Bottle Nose Dolphins these highly intelligent mammals are sleek swimmers and can reach speeds of over 18 miles an hour ! They surface often to breathe, doing so two or three times a minute. Bottlenose dolphins travel in groups and communicate with each other by a system of squeaks and whistles. Over the last few years the population of bottle nose dolphins living off the Cornish coast has increased thanks to conservation work. Often in the summer you can see pods of dolphins moving around the coast. So with a bit of luck you might be lucky enough to see these amazing creatures on one of our coasteer’s around Newquay this summer !

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