What is Coasteering and Why Should I Take the Plunge?

Discover adventure and escapism right here in Cornwall.
Exploring turquoise waters, rocky outcrops and hidden coves…what’s not to love?

When Did You Last Feel Exhilarated?

Let us introduce you to the unbridled beauty of the Cornish coast…Coasteering is an adventurous coastal activity which combines sea swimming, scrambling and leaping into plunge pools whilst exploring the aquatic wilds of North Cornwall’s beautiful natural playground. With mile-upon-mile of stunning, natural, unspoilt coastline, hidden smugglers’ coves and award-winning beaches, Cornwall is fast becoming the most popular destination in the UK for coasteering.

The beauty of coasteering is that it’s up to you how much you want to push yourself – there is no pressure to do any of it. With the help and guidance from the instructors you can safely participate in any or all of the coasteer.

During your coasteering trip you will learn low level rock climbing and scrambling techniques as well as how to jump from height under the careful guidance of our highly-trained experienced coasteering instructors. Coasteering is the exploration of hidden caves, rocky outcrops and wild salty waters on foot without the aid of boats or surfboards.

Find Yourself, on the Edge of the World…

Immersing yourself in the great outdoors will bring a sense of inner calm and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul like never before. Whilst teetering (safely!) on the “edge of the world” as part of your Cornish coasteering adventure, you will find that you gain a deeper appreciation for nature and find yourself with a revitalised zest for life.

Whether solo or as part of a group, coasteering is an incredible way to push yourself mentally and physically whilst gaining new skills. As you traverse rocky outcrops and plunge into azure waters, you may find yourself doing things you never imagined yourself doing… from seeing dolphins in their natural habitat, to swimming in sea pools and truly immersing yourself in the Cornish coastline, coasteering offers a wealth of hidden gems just begging to be discovered by you.

Prices & Booking

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or have experienced coasteering in Cornwall before and want another slice of the action,  get in touch and let us chat to you about the different coasteering packages and pricing we offer here at King Coasteer in Mawgan Porth.

King Package

For the ultimate adventure why not try the King Package. This package includes a 2.5 hour surf lesson and a 2 hour coasteer all for only £75.

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10 Benefits of Coasteering in Cornwall

A Unique Experience

Being among a plucky few to have tried the UK’s fastest growing adventure sport makes you part of a unique clan of adventurous souls who have coasteered. If you know, you know.


Get up close to some native Cornish wildlife in its natural habitat and enjoy being at one with nature, reminding yourself why it’s worth protecting.


A relatively new sport, coasteering gives you a full body workout without you even realising it.

Group Coasteering

A great way of bonding with friends or colleagues as you break down barriers and build trust.

Your Natural Playground

Gain privileged access to the natural seascapes and explore secret corners of the rugged Cornish coastline unseen by most.


Immersing yourself in the great outdoors will bring a sense of inner calm and rejuvenate body, mind and soul.


Smash yourself out of your comfort zone to feel accomplished and proud.

Magical Cornwall

Explore the most magical corners of North Cornwall.

For Everyone

Coasteering is for all – the young, the old, the curious, the nervous, the brazen and the bold.

Be Safe, Have Fun

When you work with experienced experts like King Coasteer your safety is at the top of our priority list (with fun and adrenaline coming a close second).

All equipment provided

Full safety certificate

5* reviews on Airbnb & Facebook

Fun for all the family

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coasteering?

Wikipedia describes coasteering as “… a physical activity that encompasses movement along the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline on foot or by swimming, without the aid of boats, surf boards or other craft”. Coasteering takes place on, in and around the coast and can be a great way to explore lesser-known areas of our beautiful coastline. Coasteering is sometimes exhilarating, sometimes physically exerting,sometimes breath-taking… and usually all three! We specialise in taking groups and individuals coasteering to introduce them to the beauty of nature on our doorstep and love the unbridled freedom of this adventure sport.

What do I wear coasteering?

The coasteering kit we supply will keep you warm, safe and happy so we provide everything you need as a matter of course. Just bring yourself , a swimsuit (and your sense of adventure) and we’ll supply the rest! We supply the use of a wetsuit to keep you warm whilst bobbing in the water, a helmet to protect your bonce from rockfall, a buoyancy aid, which will help you to float in the water, as well as wetsuit gloves, socks and hoods (in colder seasons), and this all comes as part of your coasteering price.

Can I wear my own wetsuit?

Bring it along with you by all means, but we will need to check it over before agreeing for you to wear it on one of our coasteering adventures. Some wetsuits (shorties or triathlon wetsuits for example) aren’t suitable for coasteering and won’t keep you safe. Safety is our priority so we must be strict on this!

Is coasteering safe?

When done as part of a group under the supervision of an experienced coasteering school, coasteering is not dangerous. Yes of course the power of nature and the sea itself can be unpredictable, but our highly-trained instructors know how to read the tides and the conditions to ensure that all risks are mitigated as much as possible before taking groups out coasteering around our coastline. If you listen to the rules and heed instruction from our highly-trained lifeguards/instructors then you won’t be in danger when coasteering with King Coasteer. If our guides feel it is unsafe to continue the coasteer at any point they will stop the coasteer for your safety.

What footwear do I wear for coasteering?

We supply wetsuit boots with good grip and flexibility which are perfect for our coasteering excursions in North Cornwall. If you bring your own wetsuit boots/beach shoes we’ll have to assess them for suitability before you take the plunge.

Can I combine surfing and coasteering?

Yes! We work closely with a top surf school in Mawgan Porth (King Surf) and can provide multi-activity packages consisting of coasteering and surfing lessons to give you a real taste of the Cornish coast! By choosing to do both, our coasteering + surfing adventure package will grant you discounts off both sessions and give you an incredible experience to remember.

Can you do coasteering wearing glasses?

If you really can’t see without wearing glasses then yes you’ll have to wear them, but we suggest using a wetsuit-material glasses string to keep them connected. We take no responsibility for any lost or broken spectacles! If you wear contact lenses then these will probably be more suitable than glasses (but check with your contact lens supplier beforehand to check suitability and risks).

Can you do coasteering when pregnant?

If you are pregnant then we strongly advise checking with your medical provider before taking on any strenuous and potentially risky activity. This also goes for people with medical conditions such as epilepsy, heart conditions, high blood pressure and anything else which might be deemed a risk.

Are you insured?

We are, of course, fully insured and this protection is covered in the cost of your coasteering session.

What wildlife are we likely to see when coasteering?

The natural habitat around the North Cornish coast is thriving with all kinds of marine wildlife and we are sometimes fortunate to see seals, dolphins, kittiwakes, puffins and all manner of fish when coasteering. We obviously can’t guarantee what you might/might not see when coasteering, and endeavour to remain as respectful as possible of the natural environment and the wildlife which lives there. This means not getting too close to known-nesting spots, never disturbing or touching any creatures we might stumble across, and the only trace of humans we leave is footprints…

How many people are there per group?

All group sessions have two guides with them as standard. Once the size of a group reaches more than 12 there are three guides for the group.

Is there a place to safely store my valuables?

Valuables such as car keys, mobile phones etc can all be locked in our secure vehicle.

Is there an age limit for coasteering?

The minimum age for coasteering with King Coasteer is 8 years old. There is no upper age limit and if you feel like you can handle the physical nature of coasteering then we’ll welcome individuals of all ages with open arms! We tailor each session to the individual needs of the party/individual so can cater for all ages, capabilities, persuasions and requirements.

Should I wear suncream?

Yes! We advise wearing suncream in all seasons, even in winter when the glare of the sea can be stronger than you might realise. We advise using eco-friendly natural high factor suncreams to protect you whilst you’re in and around the water.

Do I need to be a competent swimmer to coasteer?

We ask that everyone who takes part in our coasteering packages can swim at least 50metres comfortably. Everyone will be provided with a buoyancy aid so if you’re not the most confident swimmer then there’s no need to worry, you’ll be in safe hands.

I don’t like heights- will I still enjoy coasteering?

We don’t force anyone to do anything they’re not comfortable doing, but we will of course show you the best techniques for jumping and climbing and offer plenty of opportunity to give it a try- that’s what you’re here for afterall! We carefully plan each of our coasteering routes so that there is always an alternative way around a jump point, whether that is by swimming or being accompanied by an instructor around the cliff. We can tailor the activities to you and your needs so if you really don’t like heights and don’t want to do any jumps, we can work with you to make your coasteering experience within your comfort zone as much as possible.

Will adverse weather affect my coasteering adventure?

Wind and rain won’t stop us, but if the ocean presents us with dangerous tides and unpredictable conditions then we’ll make the decision to cancel and postpone your session to ensure the safety of all involved. In the unlikely event that this should happen, we would endeavour to change the date of your session or offer an alternative solution. If this were still impossible then a voucher would be issued for the value of the activity.