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9 Epic Reasons To Go Coasteering in Cornwall This Summer

By April 28, 2021No Comments

If you’re lucky enough to be blowing away the cobwebs with a holiday in Cornwall this summer, then make sure you add coasteering to your activity list. Summer in Cornwall is stunning – crystal clear seas, balmy temperatures, long sunny days and mile-upon-mile of rugged coastline waiting to be explored. And what better way to experience this beautiful, natural playground (and get an adrenaline rush at the same time) than from the rock face itself with coasteering.

What is coasteering? 

Coasteering is a one-of-a-kind watersports experience that combines rock climbing, cliff jumping and open water swimming. With the help of specially trained guides and all the necessary safety equipment, coasteering explores some of the most hidden and untouched coastal beauty spots.

So now you know what coasteering is, here are 9 reasons to choose this unforgettable activity in Cornwall this summer with King Coasteer:

1. Because it’s fun!

Probably the most important reason to go coasteering this summer is that it’s unbelievably good fun. Remember the rush of adrenaline you got climbing that tree as a child or when you leapt into the pool without a care in the world? With coasteering, you can clamber and plummet with childlike abandon again, taking yourself completely out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself mentally and physically to experience the ultimate rush. And the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes afterwards is pretty awesome, too. But if you’re not quite ready, here at King Coasteer, there’s absolutely no pressure to do anything you don’t want to.

2. It gets you moving

With climbing, leaping, traversing and swimming all rolled into one, coasteering is a great form of exercise and a workout for your entire body. And the best thing about it, you’ll be having so much fun, it won’t even feel like exercise! Who needs sweating it out in the gym when you can be scrambling around the Cornish cliffs amongst some of nature’s finest backdrops. 

3. It can be good for the mind

Research suggests that time in blue spaces can benefit your mental health, and you don’t get much bluer than King Coasteer’s back garden right here in sunny Newquay. 

Being surrounded by the calming sights and sounds of the lapping west coast waves is a perfect way to quieten the mind, helping you forget about the day-to-day stresses and bringing you inner peace. 

And as we said, coasteering is great exercise too, and exercise can release those all-important, feel-good endorphins. What’s more, coasteering incorporates a plunge into the crisp Cornish seas, and cold water swimming is renowned for its stress-busting benefits.

4. It’s a bucket list experience

Coasteering isn’t something you do every day. It’s a unique and truly memorable experience that you can only do at select locations. Along with bungy jumping and skydiving, it’s a bucket list experience that all adventurous souls (and even those less so) should try at least once. 

Check out what some of King Coasteer’s previous recruits say about their experience on our Facebook page.

5. You’ll be completely immersed in nature

Coasteering will take you to some of the most remote and unspoilt locations along the stunning Cornish coast. Here at King Coasteer, we’re so lucky to have some of the best views in North Cornwall right here on our doorstep, and there’s no better way to see this beautiful coastline than as nature intended. With not a brightly coloured windbreak in sight and away from the loud crowds, with coasteering from King Coasteer, it’s just you, the waves, the rocks and the gulls (and your team and guide, of course!).  

6. You can bond with friends, family and colleagues

Rather than catching up over a boring, old cuppa or a cold one, with coasteering, you can bond and experience a new adventure together. Sharing laughter, wonder and anticipation (not to mention being there for one another when you wobble), builds trust, teamwork skills and friendship. With something for everyone – young and old – coasteering is the perfect bonding activity for family, friends and colleagues alike. 

7. You can meet native Cornish wildlife

Away from the busy beaches and along the quiet coastline, coasteering lets you meet some of the native wildlife of Cornwall as they play happily in their natural environment. And we’re spoilt here in Newquay. On a coasteering trip with King Coasteer, you could be in with a chance of spotting seals, seabirds and perhaps even dolphins as they frolic undisturbed by boats or boards.

8. It’s a rewarding experience

From the bonding and personal achievement to the extraordinary views of mother nature, coasteering is without a doubt a rewarding experience in many ways. It’s not just a simple, physical activity, it’s a life-changing, enriching escapade that will stay with you forever.

9. It’s the perfect conversation starter

Whether it’s down the pub, on your online dating profile or at school show and tell, coasteering gives you the perfect conversation starter everyone will be dying to hear about. Tales of traversing rock faces, close encounters with dolphins and rush-filled leaps into the clear, turquoise seas will have everyone hooked (not to mention, jealous!).

Why go coasteering with King Coasteer this summer?

Based in Newquay and with over a decade of experience, King Coasteer’s safety-certified coasteering trips around the spectacular Cornish coast are led by skilled guides who will take you on the best adventure yet. With all equipment provided, your fully qualified guide will show you the necessary skills and techniques to explore Cornwall’s hidden coastal gems safely and unforgettably. 

With trips from just £40 pp, take the plunge now.