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At KingCoasteer we pride ourselves in our customer care and safety whilst keeping a personal touch and an approachable style towards everyone but also maintaining the highest standard of safety in the industry.

As a sport coasteering has boomed in the last decade this sport goes hand in hand with our other passion in life surfing. Spending so many hours in the sea surfing it’s only natural to look for other pursuits in the same environment offering a similar adrenaline rush experienced whilst surfing hence the passion for coasteering was born.

We work very closely with King Surf who provide the best surf lessons in the land! In our eyes this is the perfect activity to go hand in hand with each other King Surf has been running for 15 years now and has grown year on year and is now a leading surf school provider in the county.

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Tom Greaves Head Instructor

With a decade of experience in the industry including lifeguarding and surf instruction at King Surf Tom has always had a passion for the sea. Born in Cornwall it was always inevitable that the ocean was going to be his lifelong passion. Whilst chasing the warm waves in the winter the draw of home always gets the better of him and brings him home. Gaining a FDS Marine Science and a BA Hons Sport Performance and coaching a career in this industry was always the likely option!

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